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Polytech STE3 - Fluid Mechanics
Subject synopsis
Subject handout
Exercise book

Introducing the subject
The old handout

Polytech EGC3 - Engineering Mathematics
Subject synopsis
Subject handout
Refresher: list of downloadable course & exercises - Derivatives & Integrals
Refresher: list of downloadable course & exercises - Vectors

Polytech STE4 - Specialization Hydraulics

Polytech STE4 - Engineering Mathematics (MMI2)
Exercise session - Excel file for the degradation problem
Lecture notes
Subject schedule
Exam 2016/2017
Exam 2015/2016

Re-examination 2014/2015
Exam 2014/2015

Polytech STE4 - Water Supply Network Modelling
Exercise session #3 - Excel file

Exercise session #4 - Excel file

Polytech STE5 - Terminal Project
Last year's topic (in French)

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