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University of Montpellier
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February 2017
Accepted paper. V Guinot, BF Sanders, J Schubert. Dual integral porosity shallow water model for urban flood modelling, Advances in Water Resources, accepté le 10.02.2017.
The story in short. This paper presents an improved version of the Integral Porosity (IP) shallow water model for the fast simulation of urban floods. This new version is called "Dual Integral Porosity" because it replicates for the variables and fluxes the dual nature of the porosity originally introduced in the IP formalism. The new model is significantly more accurate than the IP version. 

Nov. 2015Published paper. V Guinot, M Savean, H Jourde, L Neppel. Conceptual rainfall-runoff model with a two parameter, infinite characteristic time transfer function. Hydrological Processes, 29,, 4756-4778, 2015. Link to HAL preprint.